Cranial Biodynamics


Cranial Biodynamics is a way of “listening” to all systems, flows and movements in and of the body and the whole being of a person. The facilitator places their hands on different parts of the body, often including but not limited to the head, the sacrum, the feet, the diaphragms, with the very light touch called the “5-gram touch,” and listens. There is no “doing” or “fixing.” Rather, the facilitator is there to support the body’s innate intelligence, as the body always knows best what it needs.

When a safe space is held, we are seen and listened to without any intention, expectation, and judgment, it allows the body to do its own work. There may be deep relaxation and/or sleep, thoughts or memories coming up to the surface, sensations, movements, etc… When we allow it to happen and stay with it, change happens.

It is a wonderful, non-invasive yet possibly profound way to be more in tune with our body and touch the potential within.