Craniosacral Biodynamics & Chinese Foot Reflexology

"All that is visible clings to the invisible,

the audible to the inaudible,

the tangible to the intangible,

perhaps the thinkable to the unthinkable."


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Craniosacral Biodynamics is a way of listening to all systems, flows and movements in and of the body through the very light touch called "5 gram touch" on different parts of the body often including the head, the sacrum, the feet, the diaphragms. The practitioner does not "do" anything to the body but is simply there to listen and facilitate any necessary process. Sometimes, the session brings up old pains and emotions. Oftentimes, the client feels deep relaxation. Other times, they may feel absolutely nothing (though something might be happening--or not). Each session is different, and it is a wonderful way to be in tune with your body and whole being, the sparkles of life within.

Chinese Foot Reflexology helps improve blood circulation and the immune system by stimulating each reflex point in the feet. The whole treatment is done by hand, with the right pressure to give enough stimulation but not much pain. You might still experience a little pain in points that connect to the parts of the body that need attention. It is a great opportunity to listen to and get to know your feet--and your whole body--better.

Craniosacral Biodynamics & Foot Reflexology

120 min.    12,000 yen

Craniosacral Biodynamics

90-100 mins. 9,000 yen

Chinese Foot Reflexology

60 mins. 6,000 yen


*The session time includes counseling.

*I recommend that you schedule your session so you will not have to rush to your next appointment right after. It is much preferred to allow yourself some gentle space and time to let whatever change or process that needs to happen happen after the session.  


Sessions are offered in the spaces listed below or at your place.

- Tokyo (Near Shibuya Station and Togoshi-Koen Station)

*An extra transportation fee of 500 yen and up (depending on the location) will be charged for in-home sessions. Please inquire for details.

Contact hirakucranio@gmail.com for reservations and inquiries.




Craniosacral Biodynamics Practicioner

Since she was little, Kana has been fascinated with humans and explored what it is to be human through reading and writing. In 2013, she began pursuing bodywork in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and has studied Integrated Craniosacral Biodynamics with Rosemary Wallace for years. She finds passion in creating a space where a person feels safe to explore and reconnect with their own light and joy within, through her touch, words, and presence.


Cranial Biodynamics & Chinese Foot Reflexology