"Let the power that made the body heal the body."

-Charles Ridley



Cranial Biodynamics クラニオ・バイオダイナミクス

90 min.  10,000 yen 

After a brief (or long) chat about how you are, you will lie down on the massage table (or not, depending on what is comfortable for you!) fully clothed and I will gently place my hands on different parts of your body, often including but not limited to the head, sacrum, feet, diaphragms, to listen. Allow yourself to be and do anything--speak, fall asleep, move, etc. and feel changes and sensations happening within.





Chinese Foot Reflexology 中国式リフレクソロジー

60 min. 8,000 yen

A full Chinese foot reflexology session finished with a bit of biodynamic touch. 


Cranial Biodynamics & Chinese Reflexology クラニオ&リフレクソロジー

120 min.  13,000yen


Chinese reflexology followed by cranial biodynamics. For those who would like it all in one session.



*  *  *

For sessions in Odakyu Sagamihara, there will be a discount of 1,000 yen. 


Also, the following session is available in Odakyu Sagamihara only.


Cranio Biodynamics  クラニオ・バイオダイナミクス

60 min.   6,000 yen

*  *  *

For foot reflexology sessions:

-I use cream and oil, both made of natural ingredients. If you have allergies, etc., and prefer to use your own, please feel free to bring it to the session.

-Please wear or bring pants that can be rolled up above the knee.



*  *  *


*I recommend that you schedule your session so you will not have to rush to your next appointment right after. It is much preferred to allow yourself some gentle space and time to let whatever change or process that needs to happen happen after the session.  




Cranial Biodynamics & Chinese Foot Reflexology