Chinese Foot Reflexology


Chinese Foot Reflexology supports and facilitates the function of the body by stimulating the 72 reflex points in the feet and calves. It is said to improve blood and body fluid circulation, promote the immune system and detoxification, as well as the working of various organs, while helping the qi energy flow throughout the body.

The whole treatment is done by hand with the right pressure to give enough stimulation. There may be pain and/or different types of sensation in the points associated with the parts of the body that need attention.

Working on the feet is a wonderful way to communicate with the body and exploring what is happening in our body and mind.


-I use cream and oil, both made of natural ingredients, for Chinese foot reflexology. If you have allergies, etc., and prefer to use your own, please feel free to bring it to the session.
-Please wear or bring pants that can be rolled up above the knee.