Integrated Cranial Biodynamics – インテグレーティッド・クラニオ・バイオダイナミクス

The essence of this work is listening.

The practitioner listens, through a gentle touch called the “5-gram touch,” to the flows of various systems of the body.

Inside all of us is life force, or the Breath of Life, that made our body and is continually striving for health. When we listen with our whole being, without judgement or intention, we get in touch with that life force and its potential for change.

Together, the practitioner and the client discover the amazing intelligence and seemingly infinite potential in our human form.





Chinese Foot Reflexology – 中国式フットリフレクソロジー

Working on the feet is a wonderful way to get in touch with the body and explore what is happening in our being. 

Chinese Foot Reflexology supports and facilitates the function of the body by stimulating the 72 reflex points in the feet and calves. The work improves blood and body fluid circulation, promote the immune system and detoxification, as well as the working of various organs, while supporting the flow of life force, or qi, throughout the body.

The whole treatment is done by hand as it allows the practitioner to listen whilst working. 

*Natural body cream/lotion and oil are used in a foot reflexology session. If you have allergies or prefer to use particular products, please feel free to bring your own to the session.
*Wear or bring trousers that can be rolled up above the knee.





Session – セッションについて

The session is primarily Integrated Cranial Biodynamics, possibly combined with Chinese foot reflexology as needed. (If you would like to request a full foot reflexology session, let me know at the time or booking). One session generally lasts about 60-70 mins. long. 

The session fee is 8,000 yen for the session room in Odakyu Sagamihara.
Inquire for other locations and in-house sessions. 


セッション料金: 8,000円