Integrated Cranial Biodynamics


70-90 min. 7,000 yen
70~90分 7,000円

The Intelligence of the Body always knows what it needs.

The essence of cranial biodynamics is “listening.” The facilitator places their hands on different parts of the body, often including but not limited to the head, the sacrum, the feet, the diaphragms, with the very light touch called the “5-gram touch,” and listens to various systems, flows, and movements in and of the body, as well as the person’s whole being.

When we listen with an open heart, without judgment, expectation, or pre-conceived ideas, what needs to arise arises naturally. It might be sensations, movements, memories, stories, or stillness.

No matter what it is, if we allow ourselves to experience it, change, or healing, occurs.


The facilitator’s intention is not to change or “fix” anything, but to hold a safe, open space to support the body’s natural healing ability—the body’s intelligence.

In each of us there is the force of life, or the “Breath of Life,” which is constantly striving for homeostasis, for the state of health, as long as we live. When the body relaxes and resumes its innate rhythm, this life force works with more efficiency, removing unnecessary blocks or bringing adjustment.

The process may be very quiet and subtle or expressive and surprising. It often continues over time after the session.


Many fall asleep or experience a half-meditative state during the session. Perhaps, the body’s healing ability works more easily when we are in such states. If you feel comfortable, it is recommended that you let your brain take a break from its usual hard work and stay with what is happening in the body. You might experience some interesting discoveries!