Listening at Distance


30 min. 3,000yen

Just as in an in-person session, it is the client’s body and life force that is at work. The body has innate wisdom and ability to heal and evolve. The facilitator’s job is to support that innate wisdom by being present and listening through frequency.

Without the facilitator not being physically in the same space, a distance session might offer the client an opportunity to listen to and feel the wisdom of the body even more clearly and intimately.


Before the session starts, find a quiet space where you feel safe and can stay uninterrupted during the session. I would recommend turning off the notifications on your phone. Dress comfortably. Relax and wait for the session to begin.

Right before I start, I will send you a message to let you know the beginning of the session. There’s no need for you to respond. You can, of course, if you want to!

Just like in an in-person session, I do not “do” any energy-sending or fixing but simply listen through frequency to your body and being to support the innate healing ability to bring about necessary changes and adjustments.

Turn off the busy-ness in your head and feel what is happening in the body. Don’t “try” to feel anything. If you feel sleepy, it is absolutely okay to fall asleep. Allow what happens to happen. Even if you may not understand what is happening intellectually, the body’s innate intelligence is at work.

The session lasts for about 30 minutes.

At the end of the session, I will send you a message to let you know that it’s finished. There’s no need to respond to the message. You can, again, if you’d like to. You can also call or message if you would like to talk.

The process that starts in a session often continues after. If you can, give yourself enough time to relax and feel what is happening.


I accept payments by bank transfer (Japanese bank accounts only) and PayPal. Details will be shared in the booking confirmation email.